It's finally arrived

Now all I have to do is start….

A Little About Me

Originally from the South Island in New Zealand, I currently reside in sunny Brisbane, Australia with my family, the world’s laziest cat and the bones of an old motorcycle taking up a disproportionate amount of space in the garage.

I have a long association with this bike since it was imported into New Zealand, from England, by my father in the late 1970s. While it was not quite the first bike I learned to ride on (that honour went to a Norton Dominator also belonging to my father) it certainly is the bike that I rode the most in my formative years of motorcycling.

The purpose of this site is to document the restoration process of this bike. Maybe there is another bike out there sitting in a garage waiting to be restored and that this site will be a catalyst for somebody to take up the challenge. I am equally hopeful that somebody out there will be watching my progress, see me about to do something irrational and stop me in the nick of time with helpful advice or a better way to do something.

Mark 2 Ariel Square 4 Bodyworks RestorationMark 2 Ariel Square 4 Electrics RestorationMark 2 Ariel Square 4 Engine RestorationMark 2 Ariel Square 4 Frame RestorationMark 2 Ariel Square 4 Gearbox RestorationMark 2 Ariel Square 4 Wheels Restoration