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A Journey of Learning

We all approach our challenges differently and from that, our experiences can differ from that of our peers. For example, I had a hugely negative experience with an Ariel parts supplier in California who advertises in a number of Ariel forums. The parts that he promised were nothing at all like the parts that he delivered and, of course, getting him acknowledge, yet alone to redress this, was futile.  This experience put me off ever dealing with him again. I am sure that others out there have had quite the opposite experience with him and will be wondering if there is something wrong with me.

The people and companies that I am highlighting below are those that I have found to be reputable and reliable from my own personal dealings with them.

Mark 2 Ariel Square 4 Motor bike Restoration

Top of any Arielophiles list of parts suppliers has to be Draganfly Motorcycles in UK. I will be asking for naming rights to their next building extension by the time this $quare Four restoration has finished!

Shiny Bits Chrome Platers (old school, no website) at 237 Talbot Street, Geraldine, New Zealand is the best that I have come across for quality plating of small parts. Give Geoff and his team a call for putting the shine back in your shiny bits.

Roberto’s Custom Powder in Brisbane. These guys were so helpful and professional. Such a great job in making the finish on the frame look a million dollars. Well impressed with my glossy black frame. 

 Not all superheros wear capes! Two top blokes that have helped me more than words can express are Wayne Jacobson and Lynton Rossington. Wayne provides wet blasting services specialising in restoring alloy parts to better than new. Wayne is located west of Brisbane. He has work sent to him from all over the world. Be it an alcohol carb off a remote-control model helicopter or a rare Ferrari cylinder head that you want cleaned, contact Wayne. You will not be disappointed.

Lynton’s passion is restomod early Japanese motorcycles. His superpower is making the impossible look invisible! He restored the damaged fins on the head and barrels for me. He did this by building each fin up with TIG then hand fettling it back to a factory finish. Ironically, he was careful not to make the finish too perfect as he felt that this would draw the eye and make the repair stand out. He was right of course. The repairs are visible only if you know where to look. Want to turbo your gixxer, build a custom swing arm on your drag bike or repair those girder forks that nobody else will touch? Wayne is a little bit off the grid and that is just fine! Check out Facebook for “Lynton’s project page” or Instagram “Ozzy1100” for more details.

I have never shipped anything internationally (or anywhere for that matter) before and bringing an old motorcycle into a country that does not really want to see old motorcycles was a challenge. Cheryl and her team at Shiprite International were helpful, patient and professional in the way that they answered my most newbie of questions. Thanks guys!



Squariel Restoration Community

Safety in numbers or just want to know that you are not alone out there, the Australian Ariel Register provides contacts and comradery for your chosen addiction.

I have run into members of the Queensland Historic Motorcycle Club at a number of events that I have attended and found them to be just as you would expect from a motorcycle club in the sunshine state. Good keen folk that enjoy riding and socialising.

Lots of good information and a most useful forum page, the Ariel Owners Motorcycle Club UK helps you find the information that you need straight from the horses mouth so to speak.

An interesting blog site of a fellow Squariel owner details the journey of Amelia the MKI Square Four (and friends). I have been following this build for a long time before I started my and have found plenty of inspiration for my own efforts.  

Thanks also to for making this site look way better than I would have done if left to my own devices.