The web analytics people say that I need to be writing at a minimum 300 words per update. The reason for this is something to do with the dark art of search engine optimisation (SEO). If restoring a vintage motorcycle is challenging my grey matter then SEO is a whole new world that I am having to learn.  The SEO folks also say I need to keep my sentence length below 20 words. My school English teacher would have been flexing his cane over this. I was taught that the optimum maximum sentence length is 26 words. While it might be good for SEO, it has been a challenge for my writing continuity.


Holding Pattern

So, what has been happening this week? Something of a holding pattern really.  My exchange brake shoes have not yet arrived at Draganfly. Nor has my fuel tank arrived at Shiny Bits. Not quite getting worried yet but it has been three weeks now. C’mon international postal systems. Don’t let me down now!

The air-conditioning pump on my Honda CR-V appears to have reached end of life. Over the past six months it has been getting less and less efficient. I took it to the air-conditioning doctor and they told me that repair would be either really cheap or really expensive. I opted to try the “really cheap” option first off hoping that would fix it. It lasted until the first warm day before the warm air emitting from the vents confirmed that it had to be option #2.

What does this have to do with the Squariel? It means that once again, I am looking trying ty make progress on a budget. Seems that I was incorrect in thinking that my wife would agree that my Ariel is more important than her car comfort so (unlike F1) the Honda wins!

So what has happened?

Today I cleaned the rear brake carrier and replaced the open cage bearing with a sealed bearing. A couple of hours in the bead blaster to begin with. Then a trip to the “paint tree” had everything is looking spic and span again. Well, at least it looks OK from a distance!

Ariel Square Four Rear Brakes

Rear Brake Carrier Refurbished

What next?

My collection of bits for the painter is building up. I need to have a good look at getting that under way soon.  I have been looking at options for spokes and rims. Might be next month now however, wheel building is one job that I have been looking forward to.

Over 400 words. How about that?