The Draganflys. 

A pleasant surprise on Saturday when Draganfly’s newsletter arrived in my inbox and there was reference to A big thumbs up for the Draganfly crew and great to get acknowledgement from them. Seeing the massive ramp up in hits to my site shows how much they mean to our community.  Saturday saw many emails from fellow Ariel folk in my inbox. I thank you all for taking the time to reach out to me.

A wider audience means increased traffic to the site. I need to spend some time soon tidying up some rough corners and get it flowing better. It does not matter if it is online or in the garage, there is always something to do!


Worth a mention is a blog site of a fellow Squariel owner. details the journey of Amelia the MKI Square Four. I have been following this build for a long time before I started my and have found plenty of inspiration for my own efforts.  


I was hoping to be writing up about the completion of the gearbox rebuild today. However, another busy weekend with family priorities meant that I was limited to a few hours on Saturday afternoon.  Some progress made with replacing the bearings and I was able get the box mostly back together. I should get it finished off next weekend.

Bruman GB Jigsaw puzzle

All those bits came out, They must go back!

A big help in getting this work done involved another trip to the Machinery Warehouse. I missed their EOFY sale by a day but I think that they felt sorry for me and still gave me a generous discount on my assortment of seal and bearing pressing mandrels. Having the right tools makes any job so much easier. Of course, the desire to add to one’s tool collection soon trumps common sense. “Do I really need this?” Hell yes!

Next stop, completing the Burman.

Haven’t I said that before?

Burman GB gearbox reassembly

Almost finished