Ticking along

Time for an Easter update. Things have been ticking along quietly on the Squariel rebuild. Who would have thought that I would spend Easter reaming bush? Why yes, that is just one of the little gems that have been keeping me busy.


What to do while waiting for my latest order from Drags? I stripped the wheels, cleaned the hubs and replaced the wheel bearings with taper roller units. Lightfoot Wheels in Melbourne are making the spokes and supplying new rims for me. I have gone stainless for both and are really looking forward to building them. Phil from Lightfoot is also helping out by skimming the brake hubs, polishing the front hub and powder coating the rear hub. Phil has been great to deal with during this process. I am confident that his workmanship will live up to my expectation. Stay tuned as I will make a video when I build the wheels.

Ariel Square Four Rear Wheel

Does not look too hard

Reaming bush at Easter

Just after my order went down to Phil at Lightfoot, my latest order from Drags arrived. This means that I was able to assemble most of the Anstey Link suspension.


On thing that I should have done before getting the suspension parts powder coated was to ream the bushes to fit the pins. As I did not have new suspension pins, I was not able to do this. Most of the pins have now arrived with two still on back order. I purchased a couple of adjustable reamers from Toolexchange which an online supplier of second hand tools based on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. They had the two reamers that I wanted at a reasonable price.

Square Four rear suspension

Stirrup bushes ready for fitting pins

It has been many years since I have used an adjustable reamer. Maybe it was all the torment that I received as an apprentice, but the memories came flooding back and I happily reamed away until all of the pins slid easily through the bronze bushes. The small reamer was possibly used to ream something on the Ark and was the bluntest tool that I have used since using my skill saw to cut hardwood. The lager one was in much better condition and that restored some of my faith in buying second hand tools. There is one pin still to come from Drags, so I will ream that to size once it arrives.

Anstey Link Plunger

Reaming plunger bush

Getting it together

Not having that last pin did not stop me from assembling the rest of the Anstey Link suspension. I have been asked why I don’t make many videos. Putting the Ariel Square Four rear suspension back together involved me spending considerable periods of time staring at the bike, wishing I had a cup of tea in hand and thinking “where the eff does that bit go?” Not very entertaining media footage!

Ansty Link Ariel 4GMK2

Assembling Anstey Link rear suspension

Happy camper

With the suspension sorted and my spokes and rims imminent, I am very pleased with how the build is coming along. Of course there are still some big ticket items coming up. E.g. the engine rebuild but all in all, we are heading in the right direction.

Square Four Plunger

Oh that does look good!

Word from Shiny Bits is my tank will be ready soon. I just have to go over to NZ and pick it up. Oh, and to take plenty of beer when I go. I think both of those things can be arranged.

Up next will be building the wheels.