The wiring was hard, cracked and a liability so it has been cut out and  a new loom from Draganfly is on the shelf ready to be installed when the time comes.

One of the missing parts from the bike was the voltage regulator cover. This is also one of the parts that my crooked Ariel mate from the States sent me that was so incorrect that it was laughable. They were both Lucas parts but that is as close as it got. As it turned out, I ended up contacting a guy in Melbourne, Australia, who has a warehouse of NOS Lucas parts and he found what is probably the last genuine alloy voltage regulator cover in Australia. Draganfly supplies a nifty 6v electronic regulator that fits into the Lucas case just nicely. Finally, one job ticked off and complete!

I am also considering how I can fit turn indicators to the bike once it gets on the road. I know it is not period correct but will make riding in modern traffic a bit safer.