As part of my Anzac day frenzy towards making some progress, I have now completed stripping the frame and now with nowhere to hide, the naked truth of the naked frame is there for all to see.

No real surprises here. I was hoping that replacing the bushes in the Ansty Link rear suspension would suffice and that somehow, everything else was going to be reusable. Of course I was being optimistic as pretty much every part that moves, or has ever moved is flogged out and needs repair or replacement. A couple of hours on updating my project budget and sifting through the Draganfly store, most of what I need is available so it looks like another parts order is coming up. You’re welcome Draganfly!!

The eyecrometer showed no major alignment issues and that was confirmed with a string line. I am happy about that.

Ariel frame

The naked truth

The side stand locating lug is broken away from the frame. At least now I can see it and with easy access to repair, it should not be a major to fix and strengthen the original lug. The side stand itself is missing. It will be a judgement call later if I end up replacing it. I read somewhere that they were not designed to take the full weight of the bike. If the side stand is not designed to be used as a side stand then it beggars the question of what was its proposed intent? 

Ariel lower frame

Broken side stand lug