Ansty Link Bushes.

Well, OK, totally bushed may be something of an exaggeration. It is, however, still a good feeling getting another milestone ticked off after replacing the Ansty Link rear suspension bushes. Once again, I ended up doing it how my “dad would have done it” for want of full workshop facilities.

 I really wanted to press the old bushes out. Lack of suitable gear, however, meant that I ended carefully making two cuts along the bushes using a small hacksaw. Once the cut was almost through to the base metal, I was able to punch the old bushes out.

Putting the new ones in was simple enough. My small press was good enough for the small bushes while the large ones I used a piece of wood to carefully drift them back in.

A quick check with my digital verniers and they look to be within speck. A final check with the new pins will confirm this.

The frame is with a mate who has offered to TIG the side stand mounting lug back in place. Once I get the frame back, I will have enough completed bits for a trip to the painter. I am looking forward to that as getting the frame painted will really start to feel like progress.

Ansty Link Suspension Bushes

An assortment of bushed bushes

Shiny Bits

Since starting this build, I have tried to ensure I make regular monthly purchases to help minimise bill shock. As it is almost the end of July, I am running out of month to buy something. I am making a quick trip back to NZ next month so I have decided to send the fuel tank back to the plater to see what sins lurk underneath its chrome. There is evidence of repairs in the tank but you cannot tell the real state until the plating is removed.

Shiny Bits chrome platers in beautiful Geraldine of New Zealand’s South Island are genuine old school platers. There are not many that still use a copper base coat and even fewer that specialise in small parts. Geoff and the crew at Shiny bits do both and do it well. The freight company that I use for parcel shipping has a handling fee that makes it more cost effective to send multiple parcels rather than individuals. I will make use of this by sending my brake shoes back to Draganfly for exchange at the same time. So, I get a better deal on freight and the tank should get to the plater ahead of my visit. Once the old plating is removed, I will be able to make a call on repair or replace. More on chrome plating to follow. 

Ariel Clutch Cover

Not so shiny bits

Ariel Square Four Clutch Cover

Shiny Bits