Building my Ariel Square Four Front Wheel

This week I have been creative and posted a video of building my Ariel Square Four front wheel. Video editing is fast becoming a necessary tool in the restorers’ toolkit. My filming and editing skills still leave a lot to improve on but one must start somewhere.

YouTube fame

Have a look on YouTube and check out my latest creation. I have posted a couple of videos previously which you can also see on my YouTube channel. No fear of getting rich through sponsorship and giving up my day job just yet. However, it is good to able to share my knowledge of tasks that I am confident in and learning on everything else.


There have been a number of Vloggers that I have followed for various reasons. Gaskings was good for a while with his offbeat British Humour. Unfortunately, all was not what it seemed so that Channel is no more. Many of the YouTube Vloggers are technology smart yet have very limited mechanical knowledge and I often cringe watching them work. No names mentioned (except that they are mostly Americans) as they are all bigger than me! Thankfully there are exceptions. The guys at Mighty Car Mods do it well and do it with energy and humour. They have a decent crack at most jobs and more importantly they know when to call in the help.

The Skid Factory

Which brings me to The Skid Factory. One of the few automotive Vloggers that is trained in the craft that he is demonstrating. Turbo Yoda is in a class of his own. Some of his diesel commentary is a little bit off the mark but he has that country “can do” aptitude that means he does a great job of most things and he is as knowledgeable as anyone on modifying petrol vehicles. If you want a good insight into the real world of fabrication, you could do a lot worse than to follow The Skid Factory. Second to my site of course!

Next Steps

Off to New Zealand next weekend to pick up my fuel tank from being repaired and drink some beer. I also have some more parts coming from Drags which should be here by the time I get back. Can’t wait!