Top End Strip

Time for a top end strip. No, not what they do in Darwin but time to strip down the 4GMKII cylinder head. Due to family commitments last week, I did not get to spend any time on the Squariel. I was able to sneak downstairs to the garage for a couple of hours this weekend. Time to finish the top end strip.

Square Four Barrel

Four Square Holes

Removing valves

I hate to think how long it has been since I fully stripped down an engine. For removing the valves, the first thing that I noticed is that I have lost a lot of the dexterity that I used to have. That means that my ancient old, dodgy, valve spring compressor was no longer going to cut the mustard. Time to go shopping. Our local Repco was having a sale. Aren’t they always? They had a modern, highly adjustable, valve spring compressor at a good price. That will do!

Back to the garage and unable to blame poor tools any longer. Yes, it is me! I job that I have done countless times in the past too way longer than it should have. Certainly, removing the valve collets from No.1 took ages. Ariel Square Four means four of everything! By the time I got to No.4 cylinder, the rhythm was coming back, and the collects came out easily.

Inspecting the valves

A quick clean and check. There does not seem to be too much wear on the valve stems. The inlets have been doing their job well and will take a grind. The exhausts are well carboned up and although none are burned, none appeared to be seating very well. There is a lot of carbon build up to clean from the exhaust ports. “De coke” is the term we used in the old days and de coke is what I need to do.

Ariel Square Four Valves

4GMKII Ariel Cylinder Head

Broken Fins

After giving everything a good clean, I can see that there is a lot of work to do. Sometime in the past, this Squariel must have belonged to the Rough Bros. There is a lot of cooling fin damage on the barrels that will need to be repaired. This is beyond my TIG welding expertise (I probably should not even call it “expertise”). I will need to find somebody skilled to do this work without causing further damage. I have been given the name of somebody that will contact them next week.

1956 Ariel Engine Overhaul

Square Four barrels are fin-ished

Next Steps

Still no update on the fuel tank. Not panicking yet but….. I still need to pull down the bottom end. Per my last update, the camshaft is worn with end float that can be measured in mms. Not a good sign. Cam followers are worn. I will replace all the head studs and barrel studs. I fear for what condition the bottom end is in. We will know soon enough once I get it apart. I can see some serious spend coming up so time to buy a LOTTO!